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12 Reasons to Live in Massachusetts

Whether you consider moving to Massachusetts or wonder whether to remain in the state, here are twelve serious reasons why you should choose it above any other place. Let’s begin.

History and culture, greenery and ocean, robust economy, great schools... there are so many reasons to live here!
History and culture, greenery and ocean, robust economy, great schools… there are so many reasons to live here!


#1 Low Unemployment
The unemployment rate in the state is quite low and well below the national average. There are also numerous industries offering well-paid jobs.

#2 Young Population

There are over 250,000 students in the state, as well as hundreds of thousands of young professionals.

#3 First-Class Healthcare

With some of the best hospitals in the country and Universal Healthcare offering affordable coverage, you can have peace of mind about your family’s health and browse condos for sale in MA with confidence.

#4 Awesome Sports Events

Whether you like baseball, basketball or football, Boston will give you all you want and more thanks to Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots.

#5 Excellent Education

Massachusetts is home to the most renowned Ivy League schools and some of the best liberal arts colleges in the country. The secondary education in the state also boasts of exceptional results, especially in sciences and math.

#6 Great Opportunities for Business

Boston, in particular, is a great place for start-ups as the city attracts major venture capital funding.

#7 Fabulous Walking Trails

There is no better way to enjoy nature by yourself, on a romantic date or with your whole family than taking a long and relaxing walk. There are lots of trails to pick from in MA and even in Boston. In fact, you can walk to practically any place in the city in less than an hour.

#8 The Gorgeous Foliage

The scenery is simply breathtaking as the colors flow from yellow and orange to red and purple. The fall is a great time for outdoor activities and so is the spring. If you are a nature lover, you may want to begin your search for condos for sale in MA.

#9 Unique Vacation Spots

Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Plymouth, Salem and the Berkshire Mountains are just some of the fantastic places where you can go and have lots of fun.

#10 Lots of Cultural Activities

Whether you want to watch amazing theatre or ballet performances or enjoy great rock concerts, MA offers it all.

#11 Awesome Food

You may want to start with the famous Boston clam chowder and continue with a fresh lobster. Some of the most popular desserts include Boston cream pie and ice cream prepared following unique local recipes.

And last, but not least… #12 Delicious Beer

Massachusetts is home to numerous breweries offering unique beer varieties. If you are into craft beer sampling, this is the place to be.

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