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Choosing Between Furnished and Unfurnished Apartments

Would you go for an apartment which is move-in ready or do you prefer to furnish it by yourself? This is a question which many people who are on the hunt for Boston apartments ask themselves. The truth is that there isn’t a straightforward answer. Decide which option would be best for you by using the tips shared below.

An unfurnished apartment will cost you less, but you need to weigh the time and cost to make it livable.

Consider Your Situation and Plans

How quickly do you want to move in? How long do you plan to stay in the apartment? If you want to start living in your new place right away, you will benefit from getting a furnished unit. This is also the recommended option for people who are looking for short-term rentals such as business professionals and students. Generally, most furnished apartments come with a one-year lease.

Do you have your own furniture? If you do, then it makes sense to focus on unfurnished units. They are cheaper than their counterparts, all other things being equal. The unfurnished rental apartments have lower deposit too. Additionally, your liability as a tenant will be smaller and this increases your chances of getting most, if not all, of your deposit back. The only downside for people who already have furniture is that they have to measure their items and find a unit that would fit them.

Do the Math

Crunch the numbers to decide which option will be better from a financial standpoint. When calculating the total cost of a furnished unit, consider how long you will stay in it and try to estimate the expenses for fixing any damage to the furniture. Keep in mind that furniture gets more easily damaged compared to wall, for example.

When you calculate the cost of an unfurnished unit, you should not forget to add the expenses associated with moving the furniture in and out of the apartment plus storage fees. If you move to different places more frequently, having your own furniture may turn out to be more expensive.

How about Your Lifestyle and Preferences?

After considering the practical matters, it’s time to focus on your own comfort when you have to decide between furnished and unfurnished Boston apartments. The latter option gives you more flexibility as you can create the ideal home decor in line with your own preferences. Another thing to note is that rental apartments usually have very simple furniture when it comes to style and design simply because landlords prefer universal and sturdy pieces which are easy to maintain.

Are you leaning more towards renting a furnished Boston apartment or an unfurnished one? Let us know!


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