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Creating Your Own Little Indoor Garden

Having an indoor garden has multiple benefits. You’ll have a gorgeous lush green setting all year round, boston condos gardenenjoy a relaxing hobby, which is considered to be among the top stress fighters, and give a unique feature to your home. It is possible to start and keep an indoor garden even if you live in a condo simply because you don’t need a huge amount of space for this. Most condos for sale in MA can fit such a special feature. Check out the basics to get started.

Designate a Special Area

You can readily use a corner section which is right next to a window. Ideally, the windows will face south. The living room, kitchen and dining area are all great places for creating a garden. The area that you decide to use for the indoor garden doesn’t have to be big as you can stack the plants on racks and shelves. However, it is best if it is on a tile floor as water and fertilizer which may accidentally leak can damage hardwood and carpet floors. One solution would be to cover the area with a solid linoleum or vinyl rug or rugs.

Design the Garden First

Most people choose to have a set of small or medium-sized plants, but you can include tall ones too, provided that you have enough floor space for bigger pots. Decide on how many levels your indoor garden will have. You can have a shorter and wider rack if you don’t want to block the view from your window. With careful planning, you will achieve a great result without having to make compromises.

Plant and Container Buying Tips

Consider the average temperature in your home and the amount of ambient light which the plants can get to decide on which species to buy. You will discover that most modern condos for sale in MA are warm in the winder and cool in the summer. You should also consider the amount of care required by the different plants. If you are a busy person, you would want to start off with something simple. While most people are naturally fascinated with flowers, you can seize the opportunity to grow your own herbs.

Choose the size of the containers depending on the plants which you will grow. While the plastic ones are cheap and functional, the earthenware pots are undoubtedly more beautiful. You can easily make them part of the home decor.

Finally, be sure to get a stable rack and a sturdy set of essential gardening tools to use for your indoor garden all year round.

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