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Make Your Apartment Feel Like the Ritz

If you don’t have a few million to splash on a home, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t turn your place into an elegant and luxury retreat. With a few tricks and creative ideas, you can feel as if you are living at Ritz Carlton Boston. Let’s get started.

Consider Spoiling Upgrades

Crunch the numbers in to find out how much money you can afford to spend on adding luxury to your home. It makes sense to start with major, but not extremely expensive upgrades. Some of the options include a glass enclosure for the shower, a bath tub, granite countertops for the kitchen and matching luxury bedding and curtains for the bedroom.

Clever Organization for Avoiding Clutter

When you enter a luxury abode, you cannot help but notice how immaculate everything is. It seems as if every member of the family has a maid going after him or her and tidying everything. You can achieve this kind of perfection by making the storage space in your home better organized.

Make use of wall and corner space by installing shelves or tall cabinets. Use organizers inside the closet. If you are buying coffee tables, consider models that offer storage space. One very clever trick for avoiding clutter is to keep baskets on the shelves. There you can place anything that you want and even if it’s complete mess inside, no one will be able to tell.

Creating Extra Comfort

When you think about how living at the Ritz Carlton is, the big amenities come to mind first. However, there are also smaller and less expensive ones that can make you very happy. You can readily set up a small bar fridge next to the TV in the living room, so you will always have direct access to refreshments. You can also opt for an armchair or chez lounge to keep in the corner with an elegant free-standing light. There’s your perfect reading corner.

The Small Things Count

Even if you have a very limited budget, you can still give your place a luxury touch. Invest in a beautiful soap dispenser set and aroma therapy candles for the bathroom. Get the fluffiest towels which you can find. Decorate the living room sofa and your bed with cushions. Place fresh flowers in every room. Currently, the clear vases with geometric shapes are a huge hit and there are models available at very low prices. If you are frugal, you can even consider using jars.

Try these and give your home the makeover which it needs to feel as if you are living at the Ritz.

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A Glance at 5 of the World’s Most Expensive Apartments

Unique architecture, breathtaking views and beyond spoiling luxury – these are all things that the most expensive apartments in the world have to offer. Whether you have millions to spare, looking for inspiration to decorate your own place or simply curious, you will surely find the five properties we’ve chosen to present here more than interesting.

La Tour Odeon Penthouse, The Ville, Monaco

With its current market price estimated to be around $335 million, this penthouse apartment with five floors is the most expensive apartment in the world right now. It is at the top of the Odeon Tower located in the posh The Ville neighborhood and offers 360-degree views of the Mediterranean, the spectacular coastal city and the lush hills. With 30,000 square feet of space, it offers practically anything that you could want including a dancefloor. Perhaps its most impressive feature is the waterslide which ends in the infinity pool.

Pierre Hotel Penthouse, New York City, USA

Taking up the entire floor, this apartment offers nearly 5,000 square feet of space including suites for guests and staff members. It boasts of unique antique furniture and high-end technology. Whether you prefer to stay inside or relax on one of the four terraces, you will enjoy spectacular views of the NYC skyline and Central Park. Anyone can rent this penthouse apartment for $500,000 per month, with its estimated purchase price of around $125 million.

One Hyde Park Penthouse, London, UK

The duplex penthouse apartment spreading over 17,000 square feet was sold for $237 million back to an undisclosed buyer back in 2014 and remains the most expensive apartment sold in the British capital to date. Thanks to its prime location in Knightsbridge, residents have quick access to Hyde Park and Harrods, but who’d want to go out when they have an ozone pool, golf stimulator and spa center at their disposal?

Opus Apartment Penthouse, Hong Kong

With an estimated price of $66 million, this apartment takes up an entire floor – nearly 5,500 square feet of space. It offers spectacular views of the city’s skyline and harbor while being set on a green hill. It has its own swimming pool and a private rooftop spreading over 1,500 square feet with a jacuzzi.

Millennium Tower Penthouse, Boston, USA

Recently sold for $33 million, this is the most expensive of all Boston luxury apartments to date. It offers 13,000 square feet of space and a 360-degree view of the city thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows. Among the most spoiling features are the heated marble floors in the bathrooms, 24-hour concierge service and a private club for the residents.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that you can find Boston luxury apartments for sale at very competitive prices if you know where to look.