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Why South Boston Apartments Are Popular with Young Professionals

Traditionally, South Boston has been a working class neighborhood, but now the population is changing and so is the landscape. Young professionals are flocking to buy South Boston apartments. The trend has been around for several years and is getting every stronger. What are the driving forces behind this amazing transformation? Let’s find out.

A diverse, neighborhood-y feel, close proximity to downtown and the beach, and still-reasonable prices make South Boston a great place to live.
A diverse, neighborhood feel, close proximity to downtown and the beach, and still-reasonable prices make South Boston a great place to live.

Excellent New Construction

If you want to live in a modern apartment with amenities like floor heating in the bathroom and garage parking without breaking the bank, then South Boston is the neighborhood to focus your attention on. The new development projects are mostly apartment buildings which perfectly fit the lifestyle of young professionals. Besides, prices in this neighborhood are still more affordable than in many of the other trendy places in the city.

Rising Property Values

It is always important to look at buying a home from a financial point of view. If you do this, you will discover that property values in South Boston are experiencing a steady increase. If you buy an apartment now, you can expect it to gain value over time without putting more money in it for making improvements.

Being Close to the Water

Realtors share that the majority of renters and buyers looking for South Boston apartments place water views at the top of their wish list. Being just a short walk away from the beach is a great benefit for practically everyone – from families with kids and young couples looking to enjoy romantic walks to dog lovers and those who are keen on doing sports.

Great Diversity

The neighborhood is getting ever more diverse and the vibrant environment naturally attracts young people. If you move there, you can expect to have neighbors form various parts of the country and around the world. As the population is becoming more diverse so are the dining, entertainment and even shopping opportunities. Whether you want to get a cup of coffee from a charming traditional café or enjoy a meal at an Asian fusion restaurant, South Boston is the place to be.

A Sense of Community

When you have a busy professional life, you get to appreciate the feel which a traditional neighborhood has. It’s great to be around people who will greet you with a smile when you go around running errands or enjoying a leisurely walk. There are various events which also make you feel at home.

Last, but not least, the proximity to downtown is just great and another major reason why young professionals prefer South Boston apartments.

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